Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Can you keep a hair secret?

Howdy all! Hope you have all been fine and dandy. Me? Well I have been so busy with university assignments...so busy in fact that I don't even have time to watch big brother (le sigh).
Amongst my assignment procrastination, I was reading comments on my blog and realised that majority of them were people commenting on my hair. Believe it or not my hair never was this long...or healthy. Matter of fact I would use the word pubic hair to describe its appearance in past days *shakes fist at bleach* but alas those days are gone! and I really do put it down to the following two products..along with not letter hair dye within a metre radius of my precious locks.

Organix Coconut Milk
The product on the right is coconut milk that also has egg whites and coconut oil included in it. All I need is a little squirt and I than apply it to the ends of my towel dried hair. The rare occassion that I have forgotten to use this product, I felt that my hair was really dry and lacked the shine that I like. This product lasts a loooong time, maybe ill be able to pass the same bottle pictured onto my grandchildrens children? (the likelihood of that is quite low but one can dream). You can purchase this product from Coles for about $7.
Rokk Ebony Heat Protection Primer
This product is so.freaking.good! I basically spray it onto my hair when it is dry before using any heating tool. I even done a test by spraying one half of my head with the primer and not spraying the other half. After straightening I found the side with the primer to be so much smoother and glossier without looking oily. I also purchase this product from Coles but I buy it in a pack with shampoo and conditioner...can't really remember the price but it is relatively cheap!
So there you have it folks...the two products which I really do believe have made my hair what it is today. Happy reading xo

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Flower my day

I won't lie, i'm a sucker for a good family day out...and for flowers. So with that combo I couldn't help but agree to going to the Tulip festival held in Bowral over the long weekend that just passed (yes this blog post is a teeeny weeny bit delayed...please dont shoot me!). It was only mama bear, papa bear, my sister Amy and I that attended. Sadly my older brother and sister were M.I.A but i'll forgive them this ONE time *shakes fist in their general direction*

I wont lie, I done the sneaky and stole 2 0:)

cayoootie pies
mama bear even taught us how to make daisy chains!

What is this 'tulip festival' all about?
It's a festival held once a year during spring for about a week, where you drive all the way to Bowral to lay your eyes upon thousands and thousands of tulips. The population is pretty much oldies > youngies but who says nan and pop aren't any fun? It costs about $7 entry for a student to enter but if your in a group it works out cheaper. Here's the site if your a granny like me and are into spending a day amongst the blooms :) http://www.southern-highlands.com.au/tulip-time

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

This my blogger friends is by far my favourite bronzer to use (i think i may even prefer it over my nars 'orgasm' blush...but lets keep that between you and I!). I have used this product almost everyday for the past year and find that it gives me a natural glow on my dull days where I feel like lounging around in my sweat pants eating a tonne of hersheys cookies and cream chocolate (why must this form of chocolate be so hard to access in Australia?!). Ok...back to make up talk. This bronzer truly is a must have and has without a doubt won my heart over. The only negative however that I must mention is that at times foundation tends to clump up on the bronzer, but i just scratch it off with my nails and it's perfecto again :)

herrow :)
I swear i'm not nakies!
 Hope you have all been fine and kirpy xo

Monday, 1 October 2012

Beach festivities

On Satdee my good pal Bec celebrated her graduation on Brighton beach. I was feeling super girly that day so I decided to slip into one of my favourite dresses that I own. When i first laid my eyes upon this Sportsgirl dress, it felt as though I was teleported back into a sleep over that was held in the Elizabethan period. Which was a valid enough reason for me to buy it i say! This is pretty much a bunch of photos to sum up the day...and to represent the lazy sloth state that I am currently in
 This necklace from Forever New always amps up the pretty factor of any outfit :)
Confession: wind is no.1 on my 'things I hate' list

 Congrats laydeh!