Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ellis faas milky eyes in metallic bronze

Anyone that knows me knows that I am completely un-co when it comes to applying eye shadow...I always seem to make a big mess and end up looking like I have been in a gang fight with my eyeshadow. So for a few months now I have been on a quest to find the perfect eye shadow to solve this problem. It was when I was in the mecca store that this quest was over as I laid my eyes upon the Ellis Faas Milky Eyes in Metallic Bronze

As you can see the Elli Faas eye shadow comes in a bullet shaped pen making it easy to carry around in your makeup bag. The brush applicator also assists with precise application, however I also used my finger tip to blend it in a little.

I applied the ellis faas eyeshadow over my entire lid and than used a brown powder eyeshadow from my estee lauder eyeshadow compact to create a smokey look (hello boysss)

- throughout the day it did not crease or crumble (and i literally mean not one crease or crumble! yes i am amazed!)
- the eyeshadow dries in about 5-10 seconds into a matte texture which gives you enough time to apply and blend it in
- it is very pigmented, giving the desired colour in one application. I was suprised by how intense the colour was and it remained that colour till the moment I took it off (which was atleast 5 hours later)

- when not in use the eyeshadow tends to get caught in the lid which is a bit of a waste

PRICE: $52 from mecca

FINAL VERDICT: Its the colour and long lasting-ness (if that's even a word) of this liquid eye shadow that has won me over. I am so in love with it in fact that I cannot wait to purchase the other 4 colours from the ellis faas milky eyes range. Goodbye wallet...hello pretty eyes! :)

Goodbye winter skin!

Being the end of our winter, i know that my skin is screaming out for some tender lovin' care. But nowadays it's so hard to find a product for your skin that does not contain a million chemicals and does not cost a million dollars to purchase. Because I am a girl and like many of you love wearing makeup...I therefore like to use natural products when it comes to cleaning and moisturising it. Below is the steps to make a facial mask/scrub that I like to whip up every so often in the comfort of my own crib...and has also become my wallets new bffl!
What you need is:
- 5 raw almonds: when crushed these babies make an excellent facial scrub removing any dead skin cells or debris
- half a handful of oats: has anti inflammatory properties and also exfoliates skin
- 2 drops of lavender: reduces and scarring on the skin and also assists with the balance of oil production
- a tbsp of greek yoghurt: yoghurt contains lactic acids which help smooth rough, dry skin and minimise the size of large pores making your skin feel like a babys bum bum
- a tsp of honey: boy oh boy does this leave the skin feeling silky smooth with its natural antioxidants that it consists of

So you basically crush all the almonds like an angry man (i used the base of a rolling pin) and than mix it through with all the other ingredients and voila! you end up with mooshy goodness that your skin will be gagging for
Than go into kindergarten mode and smoosh it all over your face. Make sure you really rub it in to get the most out of your exfoliating goodies (oats and almonds). Then leave it on for 10-15 minutes, wash off and pat dry with a towel!

oh and if you are by any chance allergic to any of the ingredients involved than it's prooooobably not a wise idea to use this facial mask