Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rose hip oil

Rose hip this...rose hip that...i want to marry rose hip...rose hip...rose hip...rose hip! it seems to be the hottest thing on everyones lips. But which one takes the gold medal home for being the best? Being a proud user of rose hip for a solid year now -pops collar- i thought I would share with you the three brands that managed to land a spot on ma face...or in the bottom of my drawer
Lets start with the basics...
What the hec is rose hip oil?
It is a cold pressed oil that is taken from the fruit of the rose bush.
What does it do?
It supports the skins collagen and elastin. Making your skin smoother and more hydrated. Rose hip oil is perfect for acne scars (my 26 year old sister is living proof of this), ageing skin, eczma, sun damaged skin or dry skin.
How do I apply it?
Rose hip oil can be applied whenever you desire...wherever you desire (yes even while you are on the toilet if that is what pleases you). However I personally find that due to the oily appearance it initially gives your skin that it is better to be applied before going to bed..and when you wake up you wake up like a total babe with glowin' skin

   Lelan Vital Organics                Kosmea                                Trilogy
3rd place: Kosmea Rose Hip Oil
From the discoloured lid you can probably tell that I wasn't really a fan of this brand because it smelt kinda weird? Every night when i applied it, it felt as though I was applying a smelly fish onto my face (don't judge my odd sense of smell!) I also found that the texture was greasy rather than oily? hence leaving me feeling like a walking deep fried beer battered fish
2nd place: Lelan Vital Rose Hip Oil
This one ALMOST got the gold medal. It applies really well and left my skin feel super duper hydrated/moist upon waking up the next day.  I personally found this to have the strongest scent out of all of them - but in a good rose smelling kinda way? This one is my mums favourite..and being like every other European mother she went out and literally bought a bajillion of them (however that may or may not be linked to the fact that this brand is the cheapest of them all...and we all know that mama loves a good special)
1st place: Trilogy Rose Hip Oil
Bet you wouldn't have guessed ha? :P This liquid goodness has the perfect texture for my skin. It applies oily not greasy and has a pleasant smell which is barely even there. I would definitely recommend getting your hiney to the supermarket to purchase this product...NOW!


  1. Love the Trilolgy Rose hip Oil! I apply it at night with my moisturiser
    Katie Amelia xx

    1. How good is it?! i sympathise for those who havn't discovered this oily goodness :)

  2. I got the trilogy one for my mum and she really likes it :D! will definitely try it after finishing my la roche posay

    1. well they do say that mama knows best!

      is la roche posay any good?

  3. love rosehip oil! I've been tempted to try the new antioxidant one by trilogy..

  4. I really want to try rosehip oil! Lovely blog btw, following you now :)xxx

    1. it will without a doubt, steal your heart! such a good product

      followed you back missy xo

  5. love your blog girl!! I'm your new follower =) I've never tried Rose Hip oil, might be worth a try after reading this though! I just became obsessed with Moroccanoil, I can't stop putting it in my hair! Here's my makeup blog if you're interested!


    1. why thankyou :)

      you should definitely hop onto the rose hip oil band wagon!

      i use coconut oil in my hair and i've heard maaany great reviews about moroccan oil so ill definitely give it a go

      followed you back xo

  6. Trilogy Rosehip is amazing isn't it. I cant live without it.

    I am a big fan of wild rose oil, but I can only get it in Austria. When I lived there I stocked up on it, and sadly have now run out (having moved back to sydney) ha!! Will definitely need to get me back to Europe soon to stock pile again. It is the perfect summer companion!

    Keep up the great blogging :)

    Luc X


    1. oooh wild rose hip oil sounds exotic/fancy! do you find it works/applies better than other ones you have tried? xo

  7. Rose hip oil made me break out a lot on my forehead :( maybe I was using too much? Other than that, it was amazing on the rest of my face :)

  8. I love rose hip oil so much! I think I must've tried every single brand available in Australia haha - my favourite is probably Kosmea or A'kin, but I was using them in the middle of winter as my only moisturiser so that might be why I could deal with the greasiness :)