Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ellis faas milky eyes in metallic bronze

Anyone that knows me knows that I am completely un-co when it comes to applying eye shadow...I always seem to make a big mess and end up looking like I have been in a gang fight with my eyeshadow. So for a few months now I have been on a quest to find the perfect eye shadow to solve this problem. It was when I was in the mecca store that this quest was over as I laid my eyes upon the Ellis Faas Milky Eyes in Metallic Bronze

As you can see the Elli Faas eye shadow comes in a bullet shaped pen making it easy to carry around in your makeup bag. The brush applicator also assists with precise application, however I also used my finger tip to blend it in a little.

I applied the ellis faas eyeshadow over my entire lid and than used a brown powder eyeshadow from my estee lauder eyeshadow compact to create a smokey look (hello boysss)

- throughout the day it did not crease or crumble (and i literally mean not one crease or crumble! yes i am amazed!)
- the eyeshadow dries in about 5-10 seconds into a matte texture which gives you enough time to apply and blend it in
- it is very pigmented, giving the desired colour in one application. I was suprised by how intense the colour was and it remained that colour till the moment I took it off (which was atleast 5 hours later)

- when not in use the eyeshadow tends to get caught in the lid which is a bit of a waste

PRICE: $52 from mecca

FINAL VERDICT: Its the colour and long lasting-ness (if that's even a word) of this liquid eye shadow that has won me over. I am so in love with it in fact that I cannot wait to purchase the other 4 colours from the ellis faas milky eyes range. Goodbye wallet...hello pretty eyes! :)


  1. oooo I love this!! It looks great!!
    Like it actually lOoks like you got your eyes done professionally for an occasion!

  2. i think i have finally mastered the art of eye makeup! FINALLY!

  3. this is a stunning colour! i think i may need to purchase now!